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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hitting Up the Meat Market

Wow - still trying to work my way through photos and other fun things from vacation last month. Who knew I could go for months without taking photos, then have an absolute photo explosion over the course of 10 days?

One last thing we did before returning to work was to pay a long-overdue visit to Muenster, Texas.

I've wanted to go to Muenster for years.
  • We've driven past the exit sign for Muenster every time we go to Kansas (at least 2x per year since 1998)
  • Friends talk about their great bike rides and the wonderful German market
  • We had good ol' Ribeye processed at Fischer's Meat Market
It was clearly time to go and if I had to put it on my 101 list to make it happen, so be it.

Fischer's Meat Market wasn't what we expected. I'm not sure what I expected...a meat locker attached to a feed lot? Who knows. In reality, it's a grocery store with a large meat department. Housed in a fun building.
We definitely took advantage of the meat department - we bought the 45 lb beef special, plus some additional cuts.

We also picked up some locally made kolaches.

All in all a fun day trip and definitely worth the gas expense in exchange for the high quality/low cost meat.

It's amazing to think of how many things we still have to do and see in Texas!

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