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Monday, April 7, 2014


We had an incredibly busy - but productive - weekend.

In just 48 hours we:
  • Ran a 5k (us)
  • Got our hair cut (us)
  • Went to work (us)
  • Bought and set up a new computer (him)
  • Set up a home network (him)
  • Grilled out (him)
  • Cleaned the ceilings (me)
  • Washed the blinds (me)
  • Cleaned and organized the pantry (me)
  • Cleaning and organized the laundry room (me)
  • Did laundry and ironing (me)
  • Cooked for first part of the week (me)
  • Made candy for the (his) office (me)
We impressed ourselves.

After all that work I felt like I deserved a special treat that I'd been saving up for - a foot massage. It was on my 101 list, but it was also on my I REALLY NEED THIS list.

I headed to a little shop in a strip mall near our house. An hour and $35 (including tip) later I was a new woman.

I'm sure I had the look of abject bliss that I've seen many times on Bridget's face. My hour-long foot reflexology massage was much more than foot rubbing. All of the pressure points in my face, arms, shoulders, hands, legs and feet were thoroughly attended to.

I'm not sure why I waited so long for this. I came home and told Kelly that was the best money I'd spent in many days.

I would give up Starbucks for another massage. I'm not kidding.

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