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Monday, September 30, 2013

About the 31 Days

For several years, I've read The Nesting Place blog. Not all of The Nester's posts apply to me - and those I've felt free to mark as read and move on.

Others stand out. Stories of changing, growing, learning and adapting. Lessons in forgiveness, starting over and coming to terms with what is.

And one thing that she's done for several years is to challenge fellow readers to participate in a 31 Day series.

Quite simply, it's 31 days of writing about whatever you want to write about.

Challenging myself to focused thinking and directed writing seemed a good idea to me. Good enough to put on my 101 list. And good enough to make this year the year I participate.

Beginning tomorrow morning, I'm writing about Change.

I don't intend to write a novel every day - just thoughts that have come to me over the last near-decade of change in my life (and massive change within the last year+).

If it doesn't relate to you, feel free to mark each post as "read" and move on. Otherwise, I hope a little of what I've learned will mean something to you.

Perhaps, that it might even help you as you go through change.

Perhaps, that it might even change you in the process.

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For those just wanting to read the series, please check this post throughout the month. I'll update with each day's link.

Day 1: Change Catches You Off-Guard
Day 2: Change Is Inevitable
Day 3: Change Happens to Everyone
Day 4: Change Touches Everything
Day 5: Change Is Frustrating
Day 6: Change Makes You Angry
Day 7: Change Breaks Your Routine
Day 8: Change Brings Fear
Day 9: Change Brings Chaos
Day 10: Change Isn't Always a Choice
Day 11: Change Stymies Our Energy
Day 12: Change Requires Risk
Day 13: Change is a Wake-up Call
Day 14: Change is Fundamentally Internal
Day 15: Change Touches Our Core
Day 16: Change Reveals Flaws
Day 17: Change Magnifies Truth
Day 18: Change Causes Confrontation
Day 19: Change Offers Opportunity
Day 20: Change Brings Confidence
Day 21: Change Gives You Freedom
Day 22: Change Renews Our Energy
Day 23: Change Builds Discipline
Day 24: Change Can Bring Peace
Day 25: Change Brings Perspective
Day 26: Change Requires a Choice
Day 27: Change Makes You Who You Are
Day 28: Change Gives You a Story
Day 29: Change is Like a Carousel
Day 30: Change is a Gift
Day 31: Wrapping the 31 Days

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